Madame Marie Julia Rose-Kincaid

From Circle Of The Crone

Player - Hannah Vaughn

Name - Madame Marie Julia Rose-Kincaid, or more commonly, Madame Marie

Clan - Acknowledged as a Daeva

Age - Unknown, believed to be Ancillae

Location - Orlando, Florida where she acts as the Regent of the Court for the Circle of the Crone.

Common Knowledge among the Circle - Madame Marie has made her home in Flordia for a number of decades. While openly Voudoun in faith, she does not seem overly concerned with spiritual matters and spends much of her time in the social/political arena instead.

The Grandchilde of Julia Kincaid, Madame Marie is less vicious and attention grabbing than her grandsire but many say she is in fact the more dangerous of the pair.

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